Herb Garden Cafe, Riverview, Michigan

Dine-in date: January 11, 2016

Overall Rating: Terry Approved!

Herbs Garden Cafe

Herbs Garden Cafe 3

This is a privately owned, cozy restaurant on King Rd., near Fort Street.  They have been in business for a number of years at the same location.

Service – Very Efficient

Ambiance – Pleasant, well lit room with booths and table choices

Meal – Lunch

What I Ate – Soup & Sandwich with a glass of water

Cost – A VERY reasonable $6.95 + tax

Details – This combo came with a large bowl of either soup of the day chicken pastina or tomato basil soup and a half of sandwich of your choice on either white, wheat or rye bread.  They offer several sandwich choices – BLT, tuna melt, etc.

Portions –  Ample. Bowl of Chicken Pastina soup was large and there was enough tuna salad on my sandwich  for an entire sandwich, in my opinion.  They even brought the soup BEFORE the sandwich which was so thoughtful (I didn’t even have to ask!).

Quality –  Very Good

My Lunch Companion – My cousin Mike, who I hadn’t seen in quite a few years!  Catching up with Mike sure made the lunch that much more enjoyable, that is for sure!  Mike had never ate at Herb Garden before; he lives Downriver as well.

In my opinion this place is one of Downriver’s best kept secrets!  The food is always freshly prepared, the service good and the portions are always ample.  What else do I like the best about Herb Garden Cafe during my many years of eating there?  THEY SERVE HONEST TO GOODNESS, FRESH LETTUCE!  Usually they serve fresh, the crisp, green leaf variety. No bagged lettuce, during my past visits and that makes me VERY happy! Yippee!!

When in the downriver area- you won’t be disappointed if you stop by Herb Garden Cafe for a meal! Enjoy!