None of us ever have enough time, am I right? We also like to have a flavorful, healthy dinner ready for our family, that can be prepared with little stress! This is what my inspiration was when I was developing this recipe! Sometimes, we don’t feel like reading through, or buying, a list of 20+ ingredients! Additionally, we don’t want to eat jarred spaghetti sauce because, well, just because. There are some sauces that are all natural, but read, read, read, to be sure!! And, they are expensive to feed a growing family. Also, how do you feel when you smell that delicious sauce as you walk in the door after work? I have been there and done that, and it is one great, comforting feeling, let me tell you! And I love how inexpensive this dish is. WAY cheaper than driving through a fast food line!

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crockpot pasta sauce recipe | Cookin' With A Terry Twist


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