Kale Stuffed Mushrooms


Kale Stuffed Mushrooms

I laid awake thinking about Kale Stuffed Mushrooms one night last week. Isn’t it interesting the way upcoming life events inspire us to cook certain dishes?  Additionally, I had a pound of cremini mushrooms and didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with them and I sure wasn’t going to let these beauties go to waste!  Our family is getting ready for a week’s vacation in Northport, Michigan.  A week of enjoying each others company, water activities, sightseeing and eating some awesome food!  I am not expecting a lot of hurrays from the grandkids about Kale Stuffed Mushrooms, but I know my healthy eating kids will give a thumbs up to this new appetizer!  Better yet will be the fact that these nutritious, flavorful nuggets will be ready to serve after a brief reheating!

I especially liked the flavor of the cremini (crimini) mushrooms in this dish, they gave an additional earthy flavor that you might not get from a white mushroom.  But white mushrooms would work just as well.  What’s not to like about the addition of vitamin packed kale? My husband won’t eat kale, but I don’t think he realized it was in the luscious stuffing!  Now I know I can stuff just about anything in a mushroom and he will eat it! (Next, I’ll try carrots!) Oh wait, they are orange, he might catch on to it! If your husband or family prefers meat in their stuffed mushrooms, try my Taco Stuffed Mushrooms. Or you could sneak the kale into their Taco Stuffed Mushrooms!  Sounds like a new recipe to me!

Here’s five Twisty Tips regarding the Kale Stuffed Mushrooms

1)Make sure the mushrooms are DRY and clean! I recommend cleaning them with the Joie mushroom brush below!

2)Best way to dry the washed, wet kale? In an Oxo salad spinner, (scroll to bottom of page), just like you do lettuce or spinach!

3)The vegetable mixture can be chopped in the food processor before cooking, this will save a lot of time!

4)The Kale Stuffed Mushrooms can be made ahead, cooled and frozen for up to 3 months.  What a great appetizer to have on hand!

5)Spinach can be substituted for the kale.