Here's something to keep all the food icy cold!
Cook outdoors wherever you go!
A fun way to keep beverages on ice!

Whether you are renting a cottage, traveling in a RV, cooking in the galley of a boat, or renting a condo on the ocean……Here’s nine food tips to make your summer vacation easier – use one or use them all!

Going out to eat, while on vacation, is fun but can get really expensive with hungry, growing children!  A few hours of your time and my easy tips will add convenience to meal times, and keep money in your wallet! If you spend less on food you might be able to go on vacation twice as much!

You can feed your family well, spend less time in the kitchen, spend more time outdoors and save tons of money, if you just prepare a bit in advance. Some items can be made ahead and frozen which provides you some extra “ice blocks” in your cooler! I’ve also included links to 6 delicious recipes! Add in a few grilling nights, a pizza night, and you are good to go!

Wishing you GOOD FOOD on your vacation this year and every year!

1) Goulash-  make this easy dish with ground turkey, venison or beef, a couple of days before your trip and have for dinner the first or second night

2) Cookies – (bake and freeze so they don’t melt), or freeze cookie dough, thaw and bake.

3) Cupcakes-bake and freeze, thaw, frost & decorate as a rainy day activity

4) Make all your breakfast sausage and bacon ahead of time and freeze. This will really cut down on cooking and  clean up time while you are on vacation!! (Especially if there isn’t a dishwasher!) This is my friend Norma’s tip!

5) Quiche- make Crustless Vegetable Quiche ahead of time and freeze, reheat in microwave

6) Eggs – hard boil, place in labeled carton, eat as snacks, make egg salad or bacon deviled eggs

7) Chicken, roast or grill ahead of time, shred and use to make chicken salad, chicken tacos or enchiladas, bbq chicken sandwiches, etc.

8) Buy fresh ground beef and make into patties and freeze, no mess when you get there!

9) Buy a 3 – 5 pound boneless pork loin, freeze it if you desire. Make pulled pork in the crockpot one day while you are out playing, hiking, exploring or swimming. Toast some buns and make a quick salad, open up a bag of chips and you have one easy dinner!  OR even more vacation friendly – make pulled pork up to a month ahead of time and freeze in the sauce. Thaw, reheat in crockpot and serve! There are even crockpot “liners” these days so your crockpot won’t be too difficult to clean!

A Few Bonus Tip ideas of “What to Bring”!

-Various ingredients to take with you, just because-

-Your favorite paring and chef’s knife

-Non stick cooking spray

-Jar of Nutella –  You can make a quick dessert out of anything with a jar of Nutella! Spread on sliced apples, put on leftover croissants (tastes like a chocolate donut!) frost cupcakes, or use to make s’mores, the list is endless! And it needs no refrigeration!

-Empty popsicle molds – mix fresh fruits, fruit juices, yogurt, etc.

-Jar of salsa – use as sauce ingredient over meat or chicken, mix with sour cream for a creamy dip, put a dollop on your scrambled eggs and of course dip tortilla chips in it!

-Bottle of ranch dressing- veggie dip, use to enhance sauces, adds creaminess and flavor to any dish

-Container of sour cream – for baked potatoes, dips, and sauces

-Bottle of Italian dressing – use as a marinade, stir in leftover pasta, pour over tomatoes

-Can of frosting – use for cupcakes, s’mores, frost some plain donuts, etc.

-Small container of garlic powder – make garlic bread, sprinkle on meats, etc.

-Other various seasonings and herbs that you enjoy


My best wishes for a wonderful family vacation filled with lots of good food!

Terry – Cookin’ With A Terry Twist, Where It’s All About the Food!

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Freeze the extras you have on hand instead of throwing them away before you head out of town!