TB Knife Sharpening

Always use sharp knives!

Why? There is a much greater chance that you will cut yourself with a dull knife.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

Well, this is how it works – when the dull knife cannot pierce through, let’s say the carrot or potato you are trying to cut up – what happens? If you are right handed you are holding the vegetable with your left hand. The dull knife does not permeate the vegetable, it slips off the vegetable, and if any part of your left hand is in the way, you get cut. Been there done that, way too many times! Believe the pros when they say – “Keep your knives sharpened, for your safety”, because it is true!

This is one of the most important kitchen tips you will ever receive! Sharpen your paring knives, chef knives, fillet knives, etc. Sharpen them every time you use them or at the very least every other time you use them. Have you ever seen an experienced fisherman filleting a fish with a dull knife? NEVER! They sharpen them every time, before they start to fillet the fish.

Terry says – “Sharp knives make your kitchen prep safer and easier!”