Here is my first official Twisty Taste Test! I’m excited to sample various products and report back on these grocery store items for YOU! Enjoy!

Item Tested: Imagine© Natural Creations Organic White Bean & Kale Soup-17 ounce box

Date of Test 2-15-16

This was the first time I tried this product line and it won’t be my last! It was the perfect thing to have on the shelf in my work office for a cold Michigan winter day when I had no leftovers available to take for my lunch.

Taste Test:

The soup was fragrant, tasty, not over salty, thick, and very low in calories and fat. Due to the white beans, there was a fair amount of protein, as well.

What Am I Eating?

The list of ingredients were all organic and wholesome. The soup came in a cardboard type box, which makes it a convenient pantry item to have on hand, and no can opener necessary. I ate the entire box (two servings), being as I am a HUGE lunch eater.  I can say I was very comfortably full for only 220 calories (110 calories per serving)! That Bahamas trip is just a month away and you know what I am thinking about…..

Terry’s Opinion:

I would highly recommend trying this product and to have it on hand for when you have no time to cook some of my delicious soup recipes! There are several varieties of Imagine© soup available that I will also be trying out .


I purchased the 17 oz. box of Imagine© Soup at my local Meijer© store, on sale for $2.50.