A Note About The Author: This post was written by Deborah Benedic, Terry’s sister, business consultant and cheerleader of Cookin’ With A Terry Twist! 

I had the pleasure of opening up the year 2016 in the Immerse Spa at MGM Grand Detroit, with my fun-loving sister, Terry. Having been invited to a “Recovery Party”, we looked forward to tasty food and the kind of drinks you have after a long New Year’s Eve: mimosas and bloody marys. But this party had a ‘twist’—we also were given personalized massages as we moved through various stations set up beside a beautiful infinity pool…It was tough, believe me! Starting out the entertainment was a lively bartender who was bright and ready to banter as he set up all the celery, pickles, etc. for the make-your-own-Bloody Mary bar. We enjoyed a few minutes of conversation with the friendly bartender, before we settled down with our brunch and well prepared drinks.

Next, it was our turn to be massaged, so we made our way poolside to comfy lounge chairs covered with luxurious linens. Each station had a masseuse with a different specialty for your hands, feet, shoulders and back, and we enjoyed them all! My sister managed to close her eyes during the feet massage for a quick nap, and I wandered off to the sauna for about ten minutes. Just as I was returning, I heard the echoes of resounding applause. I asked one of the masseuses, “What was everyone clapping for?” to which she replied, “Oh, you missed it, someone fell into the pool with all of his clothes on, plate full of food and all,  but we didn’t clap until he got out”. Terry and I both missed the moment, but we didn’t miss the bartender’s account of what transpired. While getting our last beverage, he said to us, “You must remember what it was like to be at a municipal swimming pool, and they had to shut the whole thing down and drain it ‘cuz of one “Tootsie Roll”? Well, girls, take a look in our pool right now!”  We looked down into the pool and sure enough, there were several pieces of breakfast meat—some floating, but some had sunk to the bottom of the pool.

TB recovery day

My sister, not skipping a beat quipped, “Once again, everything goes better with bacon!” Well, the sausage and bacon decorating that Infinity Pool sure made the mood of that particular spa party even better than anyone could have imagined! We had a good laugh with the bartender, took photos and wandered back to our room, never expecting our breakfast food to be so much fun!