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Jen Snyder’s comments regarding How to Make a Juicy Burger cooking tip!  “We had two BBQ’s this year and used this very recipe for our burgers. Our guests could not get over how amazing our burgers were. This recipe is a must and one that needs to be a staple for every recipe box!  So good! Truly, we use this recipe every time and we forgot the ingredients for it when we went on vacation and our burgers were so lackluster. Love this recipe!”

Jen Snyder

Owner, Women Working Online

I highly recommend Terry’s recipes! All of the recipes  are delicious and she only uses fresh ingredients. She has such creative presentation of her dishes. I am getting hungry thinking about it!

Sue P.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to put together tips for healthy cooking and shortcut ingredients for me! There are several ideas that you mentioned that I think I would really like and things I never thought of doing.